Holiday Tablescape

Posted by Kelley on on Dec 2nd 2019

Holiday Tablescape

TablescapeBlu Loon Party Favor/Gift BagMemento for the holidays

Holiday time means entertaining, and this year even more for us as we are settled in our new home.

I'm no pro at tablescaping.  Meals at our house usually mean eating at the kitchen island with paper towels for napkins.  Lately I find it relaxing to create a pretty place to eat.  Fortunately I have Pinterest and an imagination to help me put together a more than passable dining arrangement.

Your guests may not remember every single detail of your holiday design, but they will remember the ambiance, time shared and the meal.

There are a few tablescaping elements for me that make all the difference:

1.  Comfortable chairs.  A sure-fire meal buzz-kill is sitting in an uncomfortable chair for a couple hours.  Choose your dining chairs wisely.  You will be happy you did.

2.  Space between chairs.  Allow enough elbow room to honor personal space.

3.  The height of the centerpiece.  The most important part of any gathering is for the guests to connect, converse and share experiences, so the centerpiece should be below or above eye level.

4.  Momento.  This time of year I like to give a little something special, i.e. a small photo that will bring the guests fond memories for years to come.

Do you enjoy tablescaping?

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.